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R U L E S.

01 — friend the community. DO NOT JOIN. the only members are the moderators. all secret posts will be publicly viewable.

02 — all secrets must be (one way or another) related to korean entertainment. there are other post-a-secret communities that might cater to non kpop interests. for example, fandomsecrets will accept any and all secrets related to any and all fandom(s).

03 — all secret-images must be at most 800x600 px in size. images bigger than that will not be posted.

04 — anonymous posting in the comments are allowed, and ip tracking will also be turned off. however, no blatant flaming, please and thank you. the purpose of the comm is not to generate wank but to let fans air out frustrations, secrets, etc. without getting mauled by rabid fans.

05 — if your secret is about a certain person in the fandom, please refrain from using his or her actual, personal lj usernames and personal pictures whether or not you are directly attacking them (yes, even if you are actually praising them). it's just crass, and we're not running a hate meme here. there are ways to hint at who you're talking about, and at the very least you can pixelate the username or blur the pictures beyond recognition.

06 — despite the fact the we deal with korean entertainment, this is an international community, so always write your secrets in english.

07 — anything you feel you can freely say in your own livejournals are NOT SECRETS. (and so, declarations of love for popular idols are not secrets, unless otherwise justified in your secret-images.)

Last updated: July 19, 2010
Note: Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

H O W   T O   P O S T.

01 — every now and then (the pace is yet to be determined depending on how active the community turns out to be), the mods will put up a secrets submission post where you can reply with your secret-images. the submissions post will ALWAYS be screened.

02 — all secrets are to be posted in the form of images. no text-only secrets, sorry.

03 — the only acceptable image formats are .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png and nothing else. also, please take note that animated .gif images must not exceed 1.5mb in size, aside from the 800x600 px rule.

04 — like said, secret-images are not to be bigger than 800x600, and they can be made using any graphic program of your choice (be it adobe photoshop or ms paint). upload the image to any image hosting server on the internet (ie. tinypic, imageshack, etc.)

05 — you can post as many secrets as you want, but make sure to put the secret count on the subject line. this is so the mods will have an easier time counting the secrets. be sure to include all warnings that apply to your secret-image along with the comment (ie. homosexual content, spoilers, etc.).

06 — please to NOT be forgetting to post as anonymous, thank you. we will not be responsible if anybody finds out who posted which secrets.

O T H E R S.

aoimidori *

* inactive — feel free to msg any of the active mods for problems/issues regarding the community


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